Woodlands – Tohmboi’s Bites!

Woodlands, probably the best South Indian food you can get in Hong Kong. If you’ve never had South Indian cuisine (go get some now) its basically vegetarian based with a concentration on lentils, rice and stews.


The dish most people are familiar with when it comes to South Indian food would be Dosas, a lentil and rice crepe with different stuffings and sambar (lentil stew) on the side.

Masa Dosa

Inside the dosa – potato filling

Dosas are super filling, tasty and the presentation is pretty awesome. My husband’s favorite is the masala dosa, which means the filling is spicy potatoes. Even though I like dosas (cheese in particular) I always end up ordering something else. That something else being a South Indian Thali, which is a platter of various dishes accompanied with a choice of bread.

I always choose a puri or a paratha which of course are the fattening breads :-D. A fair warning though, a thali is A LOT of food. So it is best to be shared with another person since you can also refill those dishes that are your favorite.

If none of these strike your fancy then I would also suggest to try bhel puri, sev puri, dehi puri or uttappam. The three puri dishes are snack type food called chaat, but don’t be swayed by the word snack these dishes are filling!

Dehi Puri

Now uttappams fall under the Dosa category but are more like a lentil pancake with stuffing. I usually go for the tomato and onion uttappam so I can have maximum flavor :-D. The dish is also served with a stew and some chutneys on the side.


Woodlands is probably in our top 10 restaurants to go to in the 852, and is great for those looking to avoid meat.

Woodlands is located in East TST (Exit P2) in Wing On Plaza. Check out their website here.

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