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I am ridiculously late with these photos. I remember Karin shot these in the beginning of Ramadan, because I was so dead with the crazy humidity. It’s been basically a month? 😯 Yikes. Well lets get into some of the details of this shoot I got to be camera assistant on. We shot the super pretty Tara Towns at the Centrium Stairway in Central, Hong Kong. The stairway was transformed into a urban space with the addition of the Cascade Project by Edge Design Institute. The sculpture is made out of mesh and provides seating with trees surrounding it. In the evening the sculpture is lit up and the atmosphere is quite cool, so we wanted to capture some of that. With the structure being orange the make-up and clothes need to be a bit contrasting to give it a pop. Check out the pictures below 🙂

Photograhpy: Karin Karas www.karinkaras.com/@waves_are_free

Makeup: Jes @jesamae

Assistant: Me!

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