Tohmboi’s Photography – Trying something new!

So with all the styling work and camera assisting I have been doing, Karin suggested that I learn photography and try taking some photos of my own. Although I was a bit doubtful that I had any talent in doing something so creative, I decided to go try it out any way. So I got some lessons from Karin about basics like aperture and ISO and basic functionality of my mirror-less camera.

Then I bought a lens, which is really important. Don’t be fooled – its not the only thing that makes a great photo, as the editing is just as important. Going lens shopping was a lot of fun and if you are looking for second hand camera gear in HK go to Sim City in Mongkok. You will find just about everything there.

Next up was the actual shoot! So we decided to shoot in the PolyU Innovation Tower since its indoors and we wouldn’t have to worry about the rain. Innovation Tower is the home of PolyU’s School of Design and is designed by Zaha Hadid. It is quite an interesting building and has some really great spots for minimalist shots.

Lets get into some of the photos!




So after many many hours of editing these are the result and I’m quite happy with them! Maybe you’ll see pictures from me in the future!

Check out Karin’s photography here -> or on here IG @waves_are_free


Till next time!


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