TOHMBOI’s Angkor Wat adventure

Just a few miles outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia you can find Angkor Wat – the largest religious monument in the world and probably the most famous temple as well. Luckily enough, I was able to make it a quick weekend trip with my sister while she was visiting us in Singapore.

Angkor Wat’s history is quite interesting. It was built in the 12th century and dedicated to Vishnu, one of the Hindu Gods. But by the 14th century it was changed into a Buddhist temple. It’s the largest religious monument in the world because its spread across 200 acres. But when you add the other surrounding temples, the area is actually 400 acres!

One of those temples, better known as the “Tomb Raider” temple, is actually called Ta Prohm Temple. Another famous temple in the complex is called Bayon Temple, which has carvings of faces in it.

One of the best ways to see these temples (and more) is to take a guided tour. Specifically a sunrise tour. I say this because Siem Reap weather can get really hot. Like ridiculously hot, so starting when the sun isn’t out is a good move, especially if you aren’t great with heat. A lot of people just hire a tuk-tuk since its really cheap but the only downside is that you might get a driver whose English isn’t great or isn’t able to give you all the history/background a tour guide would be able to.

We booked our tour via Klook and were in a group of 10 with a AC van. It was a little more pricey than the tuk-tuk but honestly with the crazy heat it was worth it. Also we decided to only do a half day tour because of the heat. Some people recommend doing a few half day tours to see all the temples since it can take a lot out of you to see so many in one day. On a side note the ticket to get into Angkor is $37 for a day pass and $62 for a three day pass.

Here are the many many photos I took on our temple tour!

Angkor Wat

Ta Prohm Temple

Bayon Temple


Aside from temple hunting, there are loads of other things to do in Siem Reap. There is the Phare Cambodian Circus, which is amazing! There’s also the balloon over Angkor Wat during sunrise, which I totally wanted to do but sadly outvoted by my husband and sister. And of course, there is a night market with lots of fun souvenirs.

Well then I hope you enjoyed all the photos!

Till next time

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  1. Beautiful photos.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the tips….I was thinking of doing the full day temple tour but glad I read this first

    1. Hope you have a great time! Try to take some water with you from the hotel as well.

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