Tohmboi’s Adventure to Gardens by the Bay!

Gardens by the Bay is an attraction that is not to be missed out on when visiting Singapore. The 101 hectare garden is home to the largest greenhouse worldwide, the Flower Dome.

There are three different gardens that make up Gardens by the Bay, with the Bay South being the largest and home to the Supertrees and the two conservatories.

Supertrees are really quite cool. Majority of them are situated in the Supertree Grove where you can take a walk between two of them on the OCBC Skywalk. Keep in mind that you need a ticket ($8 for adults, $5 for kids) to access the skywalk and you may have limited time depending on how many people are waiting in line. Also at night there is a light show that the trees put on, which is powered by solar energy.

View from the skywalk

Next to the Supertrees are the two conservatories, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. These bio-domes are like paradise if you’ve been wandering around the Gardens for a while. The Flower Dome is continuously in a spring state, with plants from five continents. The Cloud Forest is very unique as its meant to mimic a mountain habitat and has the world largest indoor waterfall at 35 meters high. The plants that are found here are from tropical highlands. There are different levels of Cloud Forest to explore to get the experience of being on a mountain and to see all the vegetation that lives on it.


The other really neat thing about these conservatories is that they are designed for sustainability. They are fitted with specially selected glass to reduce heat, and sensor sails to give shade to the plants. Also, only the lower levels are cooled via chilled water pipes while warm air is vented out at high levels. Electricity is generated on-site as well by a steam turbine that is fed by waste from the gardens and other parks in Singapore.

While the rest of the Gardens have no entry fee, you need to buy a ticket to enter the conservatories. For both conservatories the price is $28 for an adult and $15 for a child. But if you buy online at Klook then it can be around $1-$5 cheaper.

Aside from the Supertrees and the conservatories, there is more to the Gardens. Check out the webste here for more! But obviously one thing has not been mentioned yet. Food! There are many dining opportunities at Gardens by the Bay, but in my opinion Satay by the Bay is the best. They have a few stalls that are halal and a few that are not so don’t fret if you have dietary restrictions! If you’re not into satay don’t worry as there are 19 stalls to satisfy those cravings. Check out the website here.

I found that one of the easiest ways to get to Gardens by the Bay was via MRT. Get off at Bayfront MRT and take exit B to the underground linkway. Once you arrive you can either purchase a $3 shuttle ride to the domes or walk through the gardens and stop at the Supertrees first!

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