Tohmboi bites! – it’s all about the food!

It’s the food series you’ve been waiting for! Tohmboi bites is all about exploring HK’s fun food scene! From the street food to the Michelin stared restaurants, there is something for everyone.

So let’s talk dessert! Cause who doesn’t like dessert right?!

The restaurant in question is called MYOC. They serve coffee, dessert and ice cream sandwiches! Not your traditional ice cream sandwiches though, there is a little twist to them. Instead of using cookies, they use pancakes! So I guess they would be called ice cream pancakes instead. At the moment they have three types of pancakes, classic, green tea and sweet potato. Before you start freaking out about sweet potato flavored pancakes know this, they don’t taste like the American version of sweet potato (the Yam). In dessert form, which is highly popular over here along with Ube and Taro, its not very sweet or potato-y….if that makes any sense. Trust me it’s good, especially if you don’t like the super sweet stuff. So on to the filling, they have preset three flavors that would compliment each type of pancake.

I ordered the green tea pancake with double chocolate chip ice cream!


Since I like trying all things that are green tea flavored, this was right up my alley. The pancake was super fresh, light and not very sweet. This perfectly matched the double chocolate chip ice cream, which was rich and full of big pieces of chocolate. My only complaint is that the ice cream was far to frozen to eat immediately so I had to wait for it to thaw. Nonetheless I would go there again and next time try their huge selection of coffee!

If you are in CWB and want to eat an ice cream pancake in a cozy little restaurant this is your place!

Happy eating!

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