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The Ramen Stall. One of the few places in Singapore to get halal ramen and it is pretty amazing. Ramen being my second most favorite food, I am always on the hunt to find a halal or veg option. I was super excited when they opened in 2015 but never really got the chance to try them out till we moved to Singapore.

They serve 9 different types of ramen, with the volcano ramen being the most popular. The soup for each ramen is made out of chicken broth that has been stewed for 30 hours. Accompanying the ramen is a soft boiled egg and an assortment of vegetables. My usual go to is the Volcano Ramen, with the choice of 3 levels of spiciness. I usually choose level 1 as it has just a slick kick to it. I wouldn’t go any higher since I don’t have such a high spice tolerance. My husband has tried the Kimchi Ramen, which is also really tasty. His usual order is Japanese Curry Rice, which consists of chicken cutlet served on rice with curry on the side. If you haven’t had Japanese curry before I would highly recommend trying it out. It is nothing like Indian/Pakistani/Bengali curry. It is mild in flavor and thicker.

Volcano Ramen

Kimchi Ramen

The Ramen Stall has a good variety of options if ramen isn’t so appealing. Other than curry they also serve sushi, kushiyaki (BBQ skewered meat), grilled seafood/meat dishes and more! Check out the menu here. I have yet to try out any other items on the menu since all I ever want to eat is ramen when we go.

The great thing about the Ramen Stall, aside from its food obviously, is that the restaurant stays open till 5am!!! It’s one of the few places in SG that is open so late. So for those midnight munchies this is a great place to go.


The Ramen Stall is located:

787 North Bridge Road
(+65) 6655-0800

Monday – Friday: 5pm – 5am
Saturday, Sunday & P.H.: 12pm – 5am

Check out The Ramen Stalls website here.


Happy eating!


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  1. Their ramen is so consistent, and big portions too! Please write if you like the kushiyaki next time you try!

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