Sunday, funday!


When it comes to wardrobe, the hardest thing for me in HK is dealing with the humidity (and not wearing heels anymore b/c its just not smart). I’ve had to change up my style a bit to try and make myself extra cool so I don’t pass out!

There has been a big introduction of lightweight materials, such as linen, more skirts and less jeans 🙁 (I love my skinny jeans, but there are days where it is just a horrible idea)

So here’s my Sunday outfit! I had to do a quick run to drop the foster kittens off for an adoption day event and then go for brunch with my Husband and friends. All this running around HK means…… got it! comfy clothes! which obviously includes sneakers, and pants…and a shirt!

IMG_20160515_133303 (2)

Sneakers…they’re no longer those ugly things you used to put on your feet just for gym class. These days they are highly functional shoes with style. I cannot stress the convenience of wearing sneakers, especially in a city like HK where you do an outrageous amount of walking. The great thing is that there is more creativity going into designing sneakers so we can all incorporate them into our lives without feeling a tad bit gross!

IMG_20160515_133209 (2)

Lately, I have been on the hunt for some unique handbags. Everyone seems to be wearing the same style or brand, and that is just not me. I got lucky and found this awesome one at Aland. Aland is a Korean store that sells many different brands. Which is great, because you get various types of styles of clothing, shoes and other accessories. The best part of this brand is that their bags are super lightweight so it doesn’t feel like you’re carrying a bag of rocks in your hand!

Shirt: Seoul, S.Korea

Pants: Uniqlo

Shoes: Seoul, S.Korea

Handbag: Alice Martha, bought at Aland HK

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  1. Love the look. Definitely getting the pants!

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