Saturday Blues – Flatform-ing it out


Saturday started off as such a nice, hot and humid day and by the time we were done with lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant, Ba Yi, you could tell the skies were ready to unleash some heavy rain on us. Which only meant that I was going to be spending the rest of my day indoors! But worry not, I still had the chance to take a photo of my outfit!


Shirt: Forever21 (4yrs old btw)
Skirt: Moussy_SLY
Shoes: Puzzle

Let me just point out….Sneakers! Flatform sneakers! This trend from the 90’s is back! I actually had bought a pair of flatforms three years back and I am regretting giving them away to Salvation Army 🙁 Flatforms are the best way to add some height and not kill your feet or back. I went for all white sneakers because well you can never go wrong with white shoes. They go with everything, no joke, I have worn them with everything in my closet. Also, I really like to wear them when it’s raining so I never get any water in my shoes if I step in a puddle.
You might say “but what about them getting dirty, they’re white?!?!” Yes that does happen, a lot, all you have to do is clean it and use a leather cleaner/polish ever so often.

Alright on to the clothes!
With a skirt like this, you have to be careful with the top. You can easily look mismatched if you just pair it with anything. The best and easiest thing to do is wear a color that is dominant. In this case white or blue. Then you can start trying colors that compliment, in this case it would be red, gold, yellow, orange and silver. If you wear a hijab, try to match your shirt so everything can stay cohesive. By the way, this skirt is probably my favorite. It is so lightweight, and even being partially white its not see-through! Finding any article of clothing which is white in the summer that isn’t sheer is a difficult task.

There you have it, a way to wear flatforms if you were unsure about it. Also, some outfit inspiration as well!

Have a good weekend,

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  1. Flatforms are so in!!!

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