Painting with ink

Ink Wash Painting with Art Loft!

Last week I was able to try my hand at Chinese Ink Wash Painting. It’s loads of fun and actually not as hard as it would seem. Yes even for those who haven’t touched a paint brush since they were kids.

If you’ve never heard of Chinese Ink Wash Painting it basically what it sounds like, a brush technique using black ink and water. The technique all lies in how much water you add to the ink. The hardest part of ink wash painting is that once a stroke is painted it cannot be erased. So a bit of thought has to go into the initial strokes.

We ended up taking our class at Art Loft in North Point via Meetup. You can check out the class and others via this link. Ben is the instructor there and he is great. Very passionate about art and has a great sense of humor.

Ben starts us off with how to properly hold the brush (although by the end of the session none of us are holding it the correct way), and then he goes through a demonstration on how to achieve different shades. After its on to making some art!

We begin with painting some gold fish. Now I know looking at the pictures it doesn’t seem like a goldfish but the point behind ink wash painting isn’t to draw something perfectly but to be a bit abstract. Some people describe it as drawing the subjects soul. After trying out fish we move on to a harder subjects, bamboo and roosters. The point with this subject was to try to learn how to get more detail with ink wash.

While painting there is absolutely no pressure from Ben to paint “the right way” as he leaves the area while we focus on our strokes. Plus, he really gives good feedback when you are done.

Anyone looking for something fun to do while visiting Hong Kong or just need to mix it up and try something new this definitely should make the list!

Here are some pictures! (sorry for the low quality, only took pictures via snap chat when I remembered! 💡 )


If you end up visiting Art Loft I hope you have a great time!


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  1. What a wonderfully relaxing activity. Thanks for the suggestion.

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