Flaming Frango’s – Tohmboi’s Bites

Flaming Frango’s

The only place in Hong Kong where you can get peri-peri chicken, and it’s finger lickin’ good. If you are a huge fan of Nando’s or just like super tasty grilled chicken this is the place to go.

I cannot count the amount of times I have been to Flaming Frango’s, I feel like we eat there at least once a month. The best part (other than it being halal) is that they marinate the chicken for 24 hours in a mix of spices and peri-peri sauce so that it’s extremely tender and delicious.  Another great thing about them is that their chicken is free from any chemicals, anti-biotics and hormones.

Here’s the menu!

Usually I order their quarter chicken, breast and wing, with two sides. To be honest, any of their options are great. If I’m not feeling grilled chicken, I usually go for the regular burger which is also amazing. You can choose the level of spice for your chicken. I like to go for mild and then add extra spice on the side from the accompanying sauces – ginger & lime, spicy, and mint & coriander. Ginger & lime is my favorite!

Now for the sides, the peri-peri fries are a must and I get coleslaw as the second side. If you’re not a coleslaw kind of person, I would recommend going for the rice. But all the sides are delicious in their own right. Also, if you order fries you get a peri-peri mayo dipping sauce. Which I wish they would sell on the side, cause we love the stuff!

I don’t think I have ever had a bad meal at Flaming Frango’s. So fret not and order away!

Here are a few pictures of my last meal:

Burger with peri-peri fries and coleslaw
1/4 chicken breast with wing, fries, and rice

Flaming Frango’s has a really great atmosphere as well and they play some really great tunes. They are available to book out for parties with them having a second floor. So go check them out in SOHO you wont be disappointed!

Check out their website here. You can also get Flaming Frango’s delivered via Deliveroo, Foodpanda and Ubereats.

Happy eating!


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  1. Flaming Frango’s does have delicious food. On my last visit to Hong Kong, we had dinner there and everything we tried tasted so good. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys grilled chicken. Great review!

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