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Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro.

As the name suggests, Fika is a Swedish restaurant which serves up some scrumptious food, which goes beyond just meatballs! Swedish cuisine uses some basic ingredients that delivers unique flavours and definitely does not disappoint.

As Swedish meatballs are quite famous thanks to a certain homeware store it might not be a surprise that our favourite dish at Fika includes meatballs. I introduce to you …drum roll … The Meatball Melt! This sandwich is a heavenly combination of bread topped with beetroot, meatballs and cheese. The beetroot mixed with the meatballs and topped with warm cheese makes for a phenomenal combo that will just make you want more.

Our next favourite is Korvstroganoff. A stew with a creamy tomato base that comes with chicken sausage, rice and veggies. This is a unique dish as the chicken sausage gives the stew a nice texture and taste.

Another great dish to add to the never ending list of good dishes at Fika is Pannbiff. Meat patties with mash potatoes, sauce, some peas and lingonberry jam. This dish really reminded me of Thanksgiving turkey dinner with the lingonberry jam. The meat patties were very scrumptious and everything mixed together in one bite was just full of flavour.

Other dishes I’d recommend are the Garlic Pasta with Meatballs, Mushroom Crepe and Swedish Lamb Stew. I have yet to try dessert there because the portions are very generous and so we’re always quite full and need to walk around a bit before having any room for dessert.

Check out Fika’s website here for the seasonal/ a la carte menu. One tip is that if you’re planning to go there for dinner on a weekend,  be sure to make a reservation as you might otherwise have to wait for a table!

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  1. I will be trying these suggestions for sure!!!! Thanks.

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