Ear savers! My hack to wearing a mask with Hijab!

These days many of us are wearing masks when we’re out and about. Wearing one with a scarf (hijab) can be quite frustrating. Most masks come with ear-loops so us hijabis have to wear the mask before putting on our scarves. This really makes things quite stuffy especially in a hot and humid place like SG. So when I saw a video of someone wearing this plastic piece to hold the ear-loops behind their head, I knew I needed to do some investigating.

I found out that these plastic things are called ear savers or mask extenders. While they’re pretty cheap, they are made of plastic and I just didn’t feel like I was being environmentally friendly if I were to buy just one and get it shipped to me. So I did a little more digging and found out that I can just crochet one! Luckily for me I had a bunch of yarn left over from my last crochet project. Check out a tutorial I found on YouTube below:

I unfortunately did not have any big buttons, so had to crochet my own. Used this tutorial below:

Just a side note I did tweak the patterns a bit because my yarn thickness is different.

Here’s the finished product!

If you’re not crochet or knitting friendly and don’t want to buy plastic either, then don’t worry as you can just also buy these on Etsy. Here’s one listing. Also if you’re trying to not spend any money then another easy hack is to use safety pins to connect the ear-loops above your bun.

A great thing about ear savers/mask extenders is that they can be used by anyone! They really do help with saving your ears from a lot of pain if you have to wear a mask for long periods. If you or anyone you know is working in essential services I’d highly recommend getting one of these! Also if you’re up to crafting some I’ve heard of some organizations that are looking to supply crocheted ones to hospitals.

Let me know if you try it out!

Till next time~

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