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Korean food! Probably my most favorite thing to eat. So when I find a halal (or veg) Korean restaurant I am so stoked. Which leads me to Dosirak. I heard about this place when we moved to Singapore last September, and have been wanting to try it ever since.

So lets get down to the good stuff. Dosirak specializes in a modern take on bibimbap. Bibimbap is a classic Koran rice dish served with seasoned veggies and/or meat and spicy sesame sauce (gochujang). Most often the dish is served hot in a stone bowl but can be served cold as well. The cool thing about Dosirak is that it lets you choose what goes into your bibimbap. This is especially great if you have specific dietary requirements. So if you’re veg, vegan, gluten free, pescetarian, halal only or just want a low-carb meal, this place is for you!

The menu is pretty simple. You get to pick your main, base, 5 sides, extras and a sauce. I ended up picking the kimchi tofu as my main, with beansprouts/chickpea/cabbage/cucumber/onion as my 5 sides. No extras and obviously the Omma’s gochujang as a sauce. Oh! and I ordered sikhye (sweet rice punch) to drink. I know that may sound like a weird drink but there’s no “rice” taste to it.

The bibimbap comes in a round paper container with the sauce on the side so you can add however much you feel like. Once the sauce is added, just close the lid and give it a good shake to get it all mixed up! I feel like I was the only person who listened to the guy when he said shake it after adding the gochujang. But it really does help to get every bite perfectly coated in the sauce! A great thing about them serving in a container is that if you cannot finish all your bibimbap (like me, cause I can never eat so much in one sitting) then you can easily take it away.

So if you live in SG or going to visit check this place out! Dosirak is located between two train stations, Tanjong Pagar (green line) exit B with a 6 min walk and Downtown (blue line) take exit E with a 10 min walk.

Check out Dosirak’s website for all their details!



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  1. I loveee dosirak! So glad it open near my office

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