DIY Makeup Organizer!

Toilet paper rolls! I have so many put away for recycling that I wondered if there was a way to upcycle them into something useful around the house. Which lead me to Pinterest. There is so much on upcycling it is amazing. But the one I based my organizer on was this one.

Since I wanted to only use the items I had at home (to be more eco-friendly) it’s not super crafty or colorful. Good thing is that its a really easy project. Things you’ll need are toilet paper rolls, cardboard, glue and paint! I got the base from an amazon box, just measured how big and cut it out. Then painted the toilet paper rolls and the base with about 4 layers of paint. Once everything was dry I figured out where I wanted everything to sit and then hot glued the bottom of the toilet paper roll and placed on the base.

As you can see I added two extra boxes at the end which I’m using for anything that wouldn’t really fit in a toilet paper roll. I just cut a ice cream box in half, painted both halves and then glued it on. Simple right?! Also doesn’t really cost anything, which is great. For added decoration I cut strips of a paper Sephora bag and glued them on to the base of the rolls and around the boxes.

Let me know if you end up trying something like this!



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