Divya Hira Photoshoot

With so much focus on sustainable and responsible fashion, it was only natural for local retailer Divya Hira to enter the market. A Hong Kong-based online shop, Divya Hira supports independent and ethical designers from all over the globe.

So when the opportunity to style and model for Divya Hira arose, I jumped at the chance! At the moment the store is promoting Shop for a Cause – Shawls for Syria, where they are selling handmade shawls to benefit the war victims of Syria with all proceeds going to the refugees to help with necessities such as food and shelter. This campaign was the concept for the first half of the shoot. Modeling was done by Nadia Sukova-Budhiraja, Kiran Gill and myself. Makeup was done by Jenny Daswani and our photographer was Karin Karas. We also added accessories that Divya Hira sells on its site.

Check out the photos below:


Part two of our shoot consisted of Kiran modeling clothes by Emma Wallace. Emma is one of the designers that is sold by Divya Hira and locally made here in Hong Kong. We had three looks to shoot so check them out!


If you like any of the products featured here, visit Divya Hira’s site at www.divyahira.com. If you are interested in helping the Shawls for Syria campaign you can contact Divya at info@divyahira.com.


Info on the team:
Jenny – makeup- @Jennyd.mua
Karin Karas – photography- www.karinkaras.com / @waves_are_free
Nadia – model – @nadisukova
Kiran – model – @kiran__gill


Hope you enjoyed all the photos!


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  1. Patty Shrum says: Reply

    Awesome. I want to purchase a shawl

  2. Lovely write up! Thank you so much Aleeyeh!

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