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Big Fernand!

I’ve never really been a fan of burgers. But since Big Fernand introduced its French burgers to good ole’ HK, I just cannot seem to get enough!

You can either create your own burger or choose one of their specialty recipes. What really makes Big Fernand different from its competition is the cheese and the choice of meat. You can choose from three different types of cheese imported from France and four types of meat – beef, lamb, veal or chicken. Just an fyi, everything but the chicken is halal. Do not fret if you are not a meat eater! Big Fernand also has a vegetarian burger that uses portobello mushrooms as its meat replacement.

So just in case you were curious 😛 I usually go for the veal burger, Le Victor, but I do switch the blue cheese out for one of their others cause I am no fan of the pungent cheese.

I recommend making the burger into a combo. Big Fernand has amazing fries and a really great collection of lemonades. I always get the grapefruit one, which isn’t as bitter as you would think!

Check out their menu below!



At the moment they have two locations both on the Island side, with one in IFC and the other in Causeway Bay. The IFC location is always super packed, and the Causeway Bay location is a little more chilled out. So if you want to go with a large group I would make my way over to Causeway Bay.

Check out their website here.


Happy eating!

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