TOHMBOI’s Weekend Adventure to KL!

So this past weekend I tagged along with with husband on his work trip to Kuala Lumpur! KL is the capital of Malaysia and home to the Petronas Twin Towers, and luckily only an 45min flight from Singapore! I think probably the best thing about KL is the food, especially if you’re looking for halal options.

Most restaurants aren’t certified halal in KL since alcohol is served. A general rule that I’ve read online is that people frequent places where other Malays are either working or eating. So if you see a woman in hijab eating or working, its safe to eat!

Often places will also write ‘not halal’ or ‘not Muslim friendly’ on the store front. Also seen is no-pork/no-lard, which I’ve read some people say it is safe to assume they serve halal meat. Obviously it is up to a person and how they feel. Worst case scenario you ask the staff, which isn’t so bad anyway.

Okay so I’ll be honest, I didn’t really take advantage of the fact that I had the ability to eat all sorts of food. I was so exhausted from being in Karachi a week before. So all in all we only ate 4 meals over the span of 3 1/2 days. It’s ridiculous, I know! Even I couldn’t believe that I ate so little 😆 .

First up, we went to Madam Kwan’s, a restaurant focusing on Malaysian cuisine. This place is packed, but the turn around is so fast that you don’t have to wait more than 10 minutes to get a table. They have a really great selection of food. The menu can be found here on zomato’s website. We ended up getting satay as a starter, curry laksa and beef noodles. The portions are HUGE, so I would recommend that the dishes be shared. Madam Kwan’s is definitely a restaurant that should be on anyone’s list when visiting KL. You can check out the website here for all the locations.
(sorry no photos from here because we were so hungry!!!)

The next restaurant we went to was Dolly Dim Sum. Cause who doesn’t like dim sum? So we only strictly ordered dim sum, but the menu also includes other items like rice and noodles. We ordered 7 different dim sum and I think it was the perfect amount for the two of us. Anything extra and would have had to taken it away. I suggest trying Siew Mai dumpling, Sweet and Sour Beancurd Roll, and Baked Butter Coconut Bun.  Check out Dolly Dim Sum’s website here.

So up next is ribs! I have no idea why but Halal ribs are ridiculously hard to find. So we went to Tony Roma’s to satisfy our craving for ribs. We ordered a full rack which was only 5 pieces, and a prawn starter.  On the ribs they slather their specialty BBQ sauce. It is rich and has a smokey flavor to it. They also give a basket of other sauces on the side if you feel like you want some extra flavors to the mix. Check out their website!

Last up we went to a Korean restaurant called B.Bap. My husband and I are really big fans of Korean cuisine so eating Korean food was a must before leaving KL. They have a really solid menu with each dish allowing for a choice of seafood, beef or chicken. We ordered the kimchi ramen and bibimbap – a rice dish with seasoned veggies and spicy sauce. The portions are very decently sized and it’s pretty authentic. Check out their FB page for locations around KL.

The touristy thing we ended up doing was going to the Islamic Art Museum. The museum was really interesting with them having loads of items like old books, textiles, jewelry from all over Asia. The coolest exhibit was a section of miniature scaled replicas of all the famous mosques in the world. You can easily do the whole museum in around 2-3 hours. There’s also a bunch of tourist sites around that area as well.

Just a few tips to help out on a trip to KL. Don’t drive in any cab that isn’t metered because the cabbies will want more. A good way to get around is via Uber or Grab, so make sure you have those downloaded. There is the famous walkway between KLCC convention center and Pavillion mall. So if you’re in Suria KLCC mall or want to head there from Pavillion there’s an underground walkway to get to the convention center.

So there you have it!

Talk later!


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